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Our Products

Welcome to the TwentyPeople International distribution center. You're probably looking for instructions on how to use our products, aren't you? Our actually distributed products worldwide are:


jCurrency is a simple yet easily expandible currency converter, built with Java. It's made by an independent developer and under the authority of TwentyPeople Europe. To use it, clone the repository:

$ git pull

And that's it! Now, you've the source under the src/currency directory. If you want to compile it, use this command:

$ javac src/currency/

Note that you need the JDK >= 1.6 in order to do this, and the JRE >= 1.6 to run it.

If you just want to run it, use:

$ java -jar Currency.jar <number> <origin_currency> <converted_currency>

The actual available currencies are specified in the readme file.

If you want to do any modifications, fork our repository, pull it:

$ git remote add myfork
$ git pull origin master

Do your changes, and then push it:

$ git add *
$ git commit -m "Updating"
$ git push origin master

And now, finally, send us a pull request. Remember that you can't share your modifications until we accept the pull request or we give you the permission to do it!


We have made our own licenses. Although almost all of our products are free (*gratis* and libre), we have also non-free licenses. The most used licenses are the TPOL and the TPGOL (also known as Gratis TPOL). In this page you'll find a little description about each license, and a link to its full description.

TwentyPeople Open License (TPOL)

You can download, use, share and modify the product; but to re-upload it with your modifications you must upload it to GitHub and send us a pull request. After the pull request is accepted, you'll be free to do whatever you want with your modifications (unless selling it as specified in TPALL). Read more...

TwentyPeople Gratis Open License (TPGOL)

You can download, use, share, modify and re-upload the product, but you have to credit TPE as the original developers and TPI as the original distributor. Read more...

TwentyPeople Gratis Closed License (TPGCL)

You can download and use the product, but you can't share it. The source isn't available, so you can't neither modify it nor re-upload it. Read more...

TwentyPeople Libre Restricted License (TPLRL)

You can modify the product, and share or re-upload the modifications, but you can't freely download or use it (you have to pay). Yet you have the sources available so you can manage to compile it. Read more...

TwentyPeople Restricted License (TPRL)

You can modify the non-privative parts of the product whose source is available, and you can share or re-upload those modifications, but you can't freely download or use it (you have to pay). Only the non-private sources are available, so you can compile them or modify them to have a final product, but without some of the privative features. Read more...

All the Licenses (TP/ALL)

You can't sell the product, and you can't sell modifications made by you or by anybody of any of its privative or non-privative free, in any of the licenses above. Read more...